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President greeting

We started our company in 1950 as “a metal mold manufacturing company” but four years later, we started focusing our attention on the field of “automotive parts” before anybody else. Since then we have steadily expanded our business, while taking advantage of our high technology for parts manufacturing accumulated in metal mold manufacturing. During the early stage of our company, “bonnet type” was the mainstream in the truck industry, but we actively challenged manufacturing “COE (Cab Over the Engine) type” upon the request from a major customer, which was non-mainstream trend at that time. This indefatigable spirits for manufacturing products created a big movement in our company to greatly influence the future of our company. It turns out that COE type has become the mainstream of truck industry. Since then we have achieved a rapid growth and have become the peerless manufacturer of large automotive products pushed by the rapid economic growth era.

Our former president, a founder of our company, had a strong belief that “we do not need management principle, but the company should change itself according to the change of era.” Therefore we had kept this idea for a long time, but reviewing our management style was inevitable after the collapse of the Bubble Economy. In 2003 we have set three management principles such as “breaking away from the business depending on the only one company,” “departure from subsidiary character,” and “securing 5% ordinary profit” based on the basic principles of “Independence,” “Self-help” and “Self-responsibility.” We actively make investment in research and development so that we can have new business development. Furthermore, we proactively improve quality to maintain our stable business, instead of being in a passive manner. As a part of our proactive activities, we have positively acquired ISO, which is a business passport, and have made everyday efforts to manage and maintain quality and safe working rment.

We are now standing at the stage called the 21st century. We, “FORM Co., Ltd.,” seek to be and vigorously push forward for “the one and only company” that can offer high-quality variety of products in a small lot to meet the needs of our customers in total production line from development to assembly with our past superior experience and knowhow.

Company Outline
Trade NameFORM Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1-1-47, Takata-Nishi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Capital32 million yen
Number of Employees Head Office(Yokohama) 35・ Ibaraki Factory 253 
(as of November 1,2016 )
DirectorsMasatoshi Toitani & 4 other Directors
Main BankThe Bank of Yokohama, Tsunashima Branch
Main ClientsMitsubishi FUSO Truck & Bus Corporation
NISSAN MOTOR Corporation
UD Trucks Corporation
Press Kogyo Corporation
Magna Steyr Japan Corporation
Nissan Motor Light Truck Corporation
Affiliated CompanySANWA Corporation(Head office:Kawasaki-shi)
KYOEI SEISAKUSHO Corp.:Head Office Zama-shi


Head office (Yokohama)
Employees 35
Site area9,600㎡
Building area5,600㎡
Ibaraki factory
Employees 253
Site area122,000㎡
Building area26,535㎡
June. 1950Founded Toitani Mfg. in Minamiazabu, Minato-ku and started mold-designing and manufacturing.
Jan. 1954Founded Toitani Mfg. Co., Ltd., embarking on the full-scale business of automobile parts production.
May. 1961Established a new headquarters factory in Himonya, Meguro-ku.
Sep. 1964 Yokohama factory newly constructed in 793, Takata-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama.
Nov. 1966Yokohama factory began operations.
Oct. 1973Preparation of the Ibaraki plant site started in Ogawa-cho, Ibaraki.
Nov. 1974Ibaraki plant started operations. (site area 122,000㎡, building area, 3,100㎡)
Sep. 1975 Headquarters moved to 793, Takata-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama.
May. 1990Ibaraki factory construction was completed of the phase of 2nd-4th.
July. 1990Company name changed to FORM Co., Ltd.
July. 1991Office building at Ibaraki factory completed (270㎡)
May. 1999Consolidation of Ibaraki plant completed (Welding Line 21, Assembly Line 12)
Apl. 2004Ibaraki factory obtained ISO9001/ISO14001 certification.
Apl. 2005Yokohama factory obtained ISO14001 certification.
Mar. 2008Sanwa Co, Ltd. became an affiliated company after its entire stocks were acquired.
Nov. 2009Ibaraki factory construction was completed of the phase of 5th-6th.
Oct. 2010Kyoei Seisakusyo Corp. became an affiliated company after its entire stocks were acquired.
Aug. 2013Yokohama factory obtained ISO9001 certification.
Aug. 2014Ibaraki factory collection completion of the production section.
Feb. 2016Self-consuming solar power generation facility (150 kw) completed.
Head office (Yokohama)ISO9001/14001 Certification Factory
Ibaraki FactoryISO9001/14001 Certification Factory

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